Allied wins 6th consecutive NRC safety award with Gold Award for 2020.

At Allied Track Services we use a hazard analysis based safety program that focuses on behaviors, accountability and culture. Our system is monitored by a consistent audit schedule to ensure compliance and identify opportunities for enhancement. 


Our industry-leading safety program has been recognized with a perfect IEC (Industrial Educational Co-Operative) SMA Audit, a gold level NRC safety award maintained since 2015, and COR certification. We are proud members of the WSIB Health and safety excellence program, as well as supplier-partners with ISN networld, Everifile, and Avetta/Browz.


The Allied Track Services safety program is focused on client partnerships, legislative compliance, and on-the-ground safe execution of all our projects. Our safety culture grows and changes to meet the challenges and requirements of an ever-evolving industry, particularly as we expand our capabilities into all facets of railway construction and maintenance.  

The Allied Track Services Safety culture was molded by managers, supervisors and workers at the same table, drawing from a wealth of experience and expertise.  Our Safety program was developed for practical implication.  Every policy and procedure was created with our workforce in mind, so that we are able to focus on compliance in the field. We practice what we preach.


Let our experienced and knowledgeable team ensure safety and productivity for your railway by bringing our collaborative and inclusive safety culture onto your worksite.

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